Winnie tabs

Another approach that works is to create a unique window id and store this value along with the session id in a database table. The window id I often use is integer(now). This value is created when a window is opened and re-assigned to the same window if the window is refreshed, reloaded or submitted to itself. Window values (inputs) are saved in the local table using the link. When a value is required, it is obtained from the database table based on the window id / session id link. While this approach requires a local database, it is virtually foolproof. The use of a database table was easy for me, but I see no reason why local arrays would not work just as well.

Three cheers for Sonlight for a fun, sweet year with my young ones! I'm so grateful for a program that I didn't have to put together myself, that is thorough, that challenges the student's potential, and that is fun to do together. I love that I can challenge my 5-year-old with reading and math material that fit her level and stretch her (1st and 2nd grade levels), and yet allow her to be an inquisitive and fun kindergartener with lots of play, imaginative Read-Alouds, and not too much other material to bog down her young life. I also love that we can include her 4-year-old sister with school. In their first year of Sonlight, Kalle (5) and Hannah (4) share Core A and some of the Pre-Kindergarten books. 

Once you have cut out the template, you will have a strip of segments, each with three parts – one for the upper section, one for the middle, and one for the lower section – plus the bottom itself. Start with the lower section, and glue all tabs in place, but don’t close the structure into a ring yet (. don’t glue the last tab back onto the other side). Now do the same for the top section. As the top section will completely close the ball at the top, the last tab is tricky. Close the structure into a ball by gluing the top, middle, and lower section in place simultaneously. Since the bottom is still open, you can press against the tabs from the inside. Finally, close the ball by gluing the bottom face onto the corresponding tabs.

Winnie tabs

winnie tabs


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