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Hi, I loved this(your) post about Dandelions! But, I am writing for my beloved Aussie Shepherd, Johnny. 3 weeks ago he was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure and when I got him to the Vet, he could barely walk and his gums were blue. My Vet put him on Lasix 50mg and 3 times a day and told me that he may, have a couple of months to live, if I were lucky!
I researched for hours and days on ways to save my best friend and discovered Dandelion, which by the way, my yard is covered in!
Anyway, I have Johnny on a raw meat diet with bones, the vitamins he needs and I am working on taking him off of the Lasix, which will eventually lead to Kidney Failure. I am of course slowly replacing the lasix with All Dandelion.
My question is, how much is too much for him? I have been giving him about 5 small fresh leaves twice a day and still have Johnny on two lasix a day, because of his cough. I bought a juicer and plan on juicing the leafs, but I don't know how many to juice? I want to juice more and not give him lasix at all, but I want to make sure that I juice enough or not too much? He weighs 65 pounds, and by the way is already doing much better and so am I from eating it too! :)
Oh, and I am thinking on juicing 1 cup of the leafs and twice and day, but I am not sure if that is enough?
Sincerely and thank you, Penny.

Angel was an ex breeding dog who we re-homed when she was three years of age. She was nervous and didn't trust any humans, however, as soon as my mother found her they were inseparable. Angel clinged to my mother and wouldn't let her go, and she never let go till the day the angels reclaimed her. We never knew true friendship until we met you.
Angel was a beautiful dog with a beautiful heart, with our love making her stronger every day. She eventually began to trust again, with walks on the beach being her favorite activity along with barking at the cat from Coronation Street.
She was truly the best companion any one could ask for, with her devoted stare and constant undying love. I'm so glad that her last ten years was filled with laughter, happiness and love which every pet deserves. Her memory will be with us always as she left a deep paw print on all of our hearts.
We love you Angel, may you rest in peace and I can't wait for us to meet again. You truly were our most favorite hello, and our hardest goodbye. Although we filled your life with love and devotion, nothing compares to what you gave to us. Sleep tight my little Angel

Winnie steroid tablets

winnie steroid tablets


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