What to take with trenadrol

Q: When the label on a drug says “take with food,” does that mean take it before, during, or after eating, and what’s the time frame? And how much food? A: That instruction is given if a drug is better absorbed when accompanied by food (such as some antifungals) or if the drug is less likely to cause stomach upset when there’s food in the stomach with it (such as some antibiotics and pain relievers ). As far as absorption goes, you may take the drug right before, right after, or while you are eating any amount of food. This is true for the prevention of stomach upset as well, but taking the drug right after a full meal is usually most effective for this purpose. You can keep things simple and always take such drugs right after a full meal, or you can see which timing and amount of food works for you (this may differ for different drugs). Some drugs should be taken on an “empty stomach,” which generally means at least one hour before eating or two hours afterwards. For specific information about the best way to take your particular drug, especially if food affects its absorption or action, ask your pharmacist. Published March 11, 2015 Print

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What to take with trenadrol

what to take with trenadrol


what to take with trenadrolwhat to take with trenadrolwhat to take with trenadrolwhat to take with trenadrolwhat to take with trenadrol