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Psychology has traditionally assumed that generally accurate self-perceptions are essential to good mental health . This was challenged by a 1988 paper by Taylor and Brown, who argued that mentally healthy individuals typically manifest three cognitive illusions—illusory superiority, illusion of control , and optimism bias . [3] This idea rapidly became very influential, with some authorities concluding that it would be therapeutic to deliberately induce these biases. [36] Since then, further research has both undermined that conclusion and offered new evidence associating illusory superiority with negative effects on the individual. [3]

And while Damore wasn’t so extreme as to claim women should be extirpated from the tech world, some of his pseudoscientific notions about why men are inherently better suited to certain jobs ring strongly of eugenics, a school of thinking premised on the idea that certain groups are biologically superior to others. Damore argues that “highly heritable” personality traits (including higher “agreeableness” and a preference for “artistic” jobs among women) are responsible for gender gaps in tech, ignoring cultural explanations. By this logic, attempting to level the playing field for women is thus misguided—we should be selecting candidates (read: men) with the most desirable traits for high-stress, technically-demanding jobs.

What is better than winstrol

what is better than winstrol


what is better than winstrolwhat is better than winstrolwhat is better than winstrolwhat is better than winstrolwhat is better than winstrol