What does tren look like

I started in New England, went over to Chicago, down to Austin, and then spent weeks going from Austin to LA to San Francisco to Portland and finally to Seattle. It was one of the greatest trips ever. I took the train you were talking about with the observation room, and had one of the best dinners of my life with 3 other strangers in the dining car (all of us were traveling alone, and they seat singles together at one table). Three of us were young college kids, and then an older gentleman. We talked for hours- about youth, the world, everything.

Why am I mentioning this story? With the current run in prices no one is going to help you unless you help yourself when home prices drop by 50% again. You can say its a moral question, but I have a family to take care of. Their well-being comes way before any bank. I would have been willing to work with the bank on a reasonable solution to the first house that they literally convinced me to buy by guaranteeing home values would never fall in Southern California (yes the lender not the real estate agent). I was dumb a naive when I bought in 2006. The bank never offered any solution other than a long delay foreclosure and I was better off for it. Many people may think I’m a terrible person for doing what I did, but I sleep really well at night knowing I am financially prepared for a 50% drop in the price of my home and that I can always take care of my family. I never wanted to get rich off housing, I just wanted a roof over my head which is why I will never buy an investment home. If I had it to do again obviously I wouldn’t have bought in 2006 at the peak of the market, but once in that situation I wouldn’t have done anything differently.

What does tren look like

what does tren look like


what does tren look likewhat does tren look likewhat does tren look likewhat does tren look likewhat does tren look like