Trt bodybuilding

Great read! DEAD ON! I’M A 5’10 female…small boned….have dieted down to a ” cool” 150 pounds of skinny fatness from about 180 using low cal, IF etc but STILL have a gut and rolls of flab that no one knows about. And yes, I’ve been lifting free heavy weights. I am stronger and have built some muscle but don’t look it! I’m stuck at 150 # and people are starting to ask me where my a## went….so I decided to do something scary and eat to appetite (loosely following a plan but sometimes eating upwards of 2600 calories), eat more times per day and especially peri workout, with more protein and continuing to lift. I’ve done for the last 30 days and have noticed: 1) more energy to lift 2) look more “filled out” 3) arms looking more defined 4) and the kicker: I’ve LOST 1/2 pound!!

My husband is now 50. His low-t set in about 3-3 1/2 years ago while he was deployed to Afghanistan. The doctors at the VA assumed it was just depression so they put him on an SSRI when he returned and also prescribed Viagra. They also checked his t-levels at that time and said they were “normal”. His libido tanked. Not good for me at all. I’m 9 years younger. When I found out that the SSRI could be to blame for his low libido he went back to the VA and switched meds. A year later it had not returned and he had also developed sleep apnea and was gaining weight. His mood was also very different and low. He was basically a completely different person. They checked his t-levels again, at my insistence, and again said they were “normal”. He retired in Jan 2014. By Jan 2015 the problem had not changed at all and he decided to see a GP. She had his numbers checked and said he was low, a 250. It frustrates me that the VA did not catch this. February 2015, he started using Androgel. At the end of June 2015 there was still no change and his numbers had actually dropped to a 235. He and the doctor decided to switch to injections. He gets a shot every 2 weeks. He had his third injection yesterday and still feels no different. My question… how long before he starts feeling different? Does the length of time we’ve been dealing with this matter? He is frustrated, wants to just give up on it. That breaks my heart because we aren’t as close as we were before.

Trt bodybuilding

trt bodybuilding


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