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He says he has calmed down, however. “It’s just from having a number of years playing at the top level. It is a technical sport but you also just need experience. We’re lucky in the front row where you can keep getting better the older you get. “Sometimes my focus has been lacking because it’s very easy to get carried away with the emotion of the game, especially at Test level where you’re playing in front of enormous crowds and playing the anthem at the start. It’s very easy to lose focus and not do the right thing at the right time. Over the years I’ve learned to stop getting carried away so much and just make sure I’m switched on at the right times.”

I agree 100%, you can’t have PF strength without external rotation of the femur, but the trick is to not confuse f. ex. rotation with hip abduction (widening the knees) and turning the feet out (lower leg ). Eventually you want to cultivate PF strength during standing and walking too, so you want that ext. rotation going on without walking with wide, turned out legs 🙂 Biomechanical evaluation will show that the geometry of the joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments will allow a lumbar curve with the heels on the ground, but if the lower leg is turned out, the soleus, achilles tendon, and plantar fasia tighten making this position “feel” impossible.
And you men out there, you’re curvature is exactly the same as a woman’s. Your lumbar curve is missing as well, and, don’t you want to keep your organs from resting on your prostate?

Regarding carb heat use with Continentals, I have had more icing experiences with C-85 and O-200 engines than any other type!  The  Midwest has a lot of dewy mornings that are perfect for flying, but perfect for developing carb ice.  I get involved with a number of post accident investigations and carb ice is a leading supposed cause for many engine failures where no hard mechanical failure or pilot mistake can be determined.  Establishing the dewpoint at the time of the accident is usually number three on the list after determining if fuel was on board and selected or if there was an obvious mechanical problem.

Test prop lean bulk

test prop lean bulk


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