Test prop daily dosage

Thinking about all the suggestions here I think I might like RoidNoids best. Use the sauce eod at about 1/4th the weeks dose to help stability with an unstable compound and get your longs and shorts all in one. If you have the p and e then there are many ways to do it. Maybe to keep you about where you like on mg's hit the E twice a week at 150 per and the prop eod at 100. Learn to count prop mg's for the week though because people are making the mistake of counting the whole weeks mg's and it doesnt work that way. Its like saying you took an aspirin on Monday and its still working on Sunday, its not. Prop for all intents and purposes is dead in 48 hours, 72 completely dead. So if you use 100mg eod those two shot are both active at the time of the second. However, by the 3rd shot the first is gone. This means the highest number of mg's present i n your system at any given time is about 200. So 100 eod is close to 200mg a week of long ester that will be full strength all week. Yes prop is more effecive in my opinion and some will say a little stronger hit than when compared to longs but its not strong enough that you would cut mg's in half to figure equivalent and if you count the whole weeks mg's thats exactly what is happening.

I personally run test cyp for my trt because I only run 200mgs a week. Shooting prop eod at 200 mgs a week would be really confusing and non accurate dosing imo. If you shot 50 eod then Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat (week 1) you would get 200 mgs that week, but now week 2 you would shoot 50mgs Tue, Thur, Sat then you would only be shooting 150mgs for that week. You could try and slightly adjust your dosing and eod shooting routine and such but to me, it is too much a pain in the ass. I do 100 mgs cyp Monday and 100 mgs cyp Friday and I know I'm getting 200 mgs test cyp every week. I'm not saying that it can't be done and I actually know a lot of guys who use Prop for their trt, but me personally I like Test Cyp or Test Enanthate. If you want the best of both worlds go with Sus

You hold the answer to that question bro since you body will tell you. All these Guru's have learned their dosages based on experiences as you will too. Everyone is different. Like our bro's below,  I too poke daily when blasting with Prop and discovered, years ago, that this was the origin to the increased breakouts I was experiencing with EOD pokes. Stable bloods =  less of a roller coaster ride for the hormones = less breakouts. It's doesn't take much to figure out that ED pokes does provide a much stable blood level however, those who are new to ED poled often times get overwhelmed by the constant pinning. 

Test prop daily dosage

test prop daily dosage


test prop daily dosagetest prop daily dosagetest prop daily dosagetest prop daily dosage