Test prop all year

This is a list of the leaders for caps in men's rugby union test matches , with a minimum of 90 confirmed test caps. Unlike in cricket , where both countries must grant test status for a match to be considered a test, rugby union requires only one nation to recognise a match as a test in order for it to be included in test statistics for that nation. The British and Irish Lions and Pacific Islanders do not represent one specific nation, but are also considered test teams because they are selected by a group of recognised national unions. Some nations have sometimes granted test caps for matches against teams such as the invitational Barbarians side; these are included only if the player's nation actually granted a test cap for a particular match.

The Axiom is the joker in our pack. It is not a folding propeller, but it does have a revolutionary blade profile and section, if you will pardon the pun, and has never been tested on a yacht before, so we just had to put it into our trials to see how it compared. As the photograph shows, the blade profile is rectangular, while the blade section is almost S-shaped, and symmetrical in ahead and astern, with no twist. Its designers claim it gives greater thrust and stopping power, together with lower wash. So how did it stand up? Well the charts show the story, with its stopping time nearly a second better than any other model, and its side thrust again the lowest by far. However this was at the expense of lower top speed, which suggests some more tweaking is needed, but it is still one to watch.

Test prop all year

test prop all year


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