Propionate gucci

My take:

Opens with a MAJOR blast of rum which is VERY strong and boozy, and then I get sugarcane (which rum is distilled from).

Once it starts to dry down I get lots of spices: cinnamon, allspice, with a hint of pepper thrown into the mix, which reminds me of sweet potato and pumpkin pie oddly enough.

Once it dries down further, I get a leathery, sweet tobacco vanilla like scent with waves of spice and a faint hint of sugary rum ebbing and flowing.

I love this scent.

It doesn't smell anything like Spice Bomb to me, although I can understand why most people do.

Smell: 10/10
Sillage: 8/10
Lasting: 10/10 (I have oily skin. Scents last a long time on my skin. I get 17 hours with this)

Overall Rating: /10

Propionate gucci

propionate gucci


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